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parabolic currency

On one side of the coin, put a depression.
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This would be a coin with, on one side, a parabolic dish. The other side would be decorated as usual. The die for the coin would have to be made differently (in the us at least) - instead of just lathing it out, they will have to polish the die.

This parabolic currency would be interesting. Different denominations could have different focal lengths.

my-nep, Dec 14 2003

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       Didn't Jesus do a parabolic coin thing when he was kickin' tables 'n chit around in a place of worship?
thumbwax, Dec 14 2003

       Let's make coins out of chocolate, kid's eat them anyway, why fight it?
whatastrangeperson, Dec 14 2003

       I always get them confused, would that be coincave or coinvex?   

       These might attain a high coinage and then become popular with collectors.
FarmerJohn, Dec 14 2003


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