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particle anti-particle 3D Imaging

Very half baked.
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Particle/anti-particle pairings will annihilate creating a burst of fundamental particles and electromagnetic radiation. Visible light will be sparse, but upping the number of annihilations will create an actual visual display.

It is to the best of my intuitive spirits that the annihilation of these particles could be controlled so that such events could occur anywhere of ones choosing within a sperical radius of around 50 feet. That is, impregnate the surrounding air so that annihilations can be observed anywhere in the room. With the proper control, a spherical shell with a matrix of particle ejectors and a diameter of 100 feet, a fully visible 3D image could burst out of thin air using the ejection of particle/anti-particle pairs at a rate of a few million per second. It is feasible but expensive.

daseva, Jun 30 2005

Per te, [angel]. http://www.answers.com/topic/antiparticle
Abbastanza? Toca te. Mi dai un base buono dica che questo non e un buon idea. [daseva, Jun 30 2005]

Linear Accelerator Stapler Linear_20Accelerator_20Stapler
High-tech, expensive, massive. I like it. [UVApostrophe, Jun 30 2005]

Pina Collider Pina_20Collider_20a..._20drink_20machines
Like the LAS (i.e. big, high-tech, expensive) only for making beverages. [zen_tom, Jul 01 2005]


       I think this Idea smacks of a distillation other than "intuitive spirits".
reensure, Jun 30 2005

       And what sort of distillation may you be referring <Shoves water bong under the table>?
daseva, Jun 30 2005

       Do we really need all this noise?
Suggest [marked-for-deletion]: bollocks (but I'd downgrade to 'bad science' if pressed).
angel, Jun 30 2005

       [angel], you must be testing me. In which case, I like it. BUT! I don't like those nasty little mfd letters on my post. I admit to a zealous ego, but don't we all. Listen, this is all very possible and factual, I'll list a few links and I'm sure other's can too. The thing is, [angel], its not bad science.
daseva, Jun 30 2005

       I'm not testing you, I just think you're talking bollocks, and are quite possibly extremely drunk.
angel, Jun 30 2005

       If I were drunk would I be able to do this:   


       Ahh ha!   

       Also, JFY [angel],   

       From the Wiki:   

       If a particle/antiparticle pair comes in contact with each other, the two annihilate and produce a burst of energy, which may manifest itself in the form of other particles and antiparticles or electromagnetic radiation. In these reactions, rest mass is not conserved, although (as in any other reaction), mass-energy is conserved.   

daseva, Jun 30 2005

       I cannot press a skeptic for too long before the affair drains me of gumption. I understand the swisscheesyness of my idea, but it is cheese nonetheless.
daseva, Jun 30 2005

       Capisco perfettamente, but if I were to say (also citing wikipedia.org) "A freely suspended magnet will eventually orient itself north-to-south, because of its attraction to the north and south magnetic poles of the earth, therefore this phenomenon can be used to protect us from weasels", I suspect that you'd pretty soon spot the flaw.
angel, Jun 30 2005

       Cheese is good in context.
reensure, Jun 30 2005

       Well, [P'a'v'e], Rome wasn't built in a barn before the eggs hatched.
daseva, Jun 30 2005

       I'm missing something here. You want to make a big cloud chamber and then observe the tracks arising from particle/ antiparticle collisions. So?
What exactly do you expect to image, other than collisions?

And why, particularly, 50 feet?
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       )-: siht od llits nac I tub knurd ylriaf m'I ,noitatonna reilrae ruoy ot ecnerefer ni ,]avesaD[ ,yaw eht yB
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       doog yrev riaresab, m'i ton knurd dna m'i ton yrev doog ta siht ta lla.
zen_tom, Jun 30 2005

       //.all at this at good very not i'm and drunk not i'm ,baserair very good// ! etiuQ
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       .nwod edispu draobyek ruoy nrut ot si kcirt eht ,]moT neZ[ ,*tsssssp*
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       .potpal a gnisu era uoy fi noitseggus evoba eht erongI - .s.p
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       !eeffoc ym dellips tsuj ev'I
zen_tom, Jun 30 2005

Perhaps you could make it into a nifty 'annihilation' welder instead. With the controlled placement of the collisions within the spherical matrix of emitters, you could spot weld something with it.
UVApostrophe, Jun 30 2005

       Thereby obviating the need for one of those high-tech expensive spot- welding machines, then?
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       .nwod edispu ti gninrut EROFEB draobyek eht ffo puc eeffoc ruoy ekat ot si kcirt eht ,]moT neZ[ ,*tsssssp*
Basepair, Jun 30 2005

       !ees I hO
zen_tom, Jun 30 2005

       [Basepair] For sure. It would sit next to the super-colliding stapler I saw in here once.
edit: Linear Accelerator Stapler ..link
UVApostrophe, Jun 30 2005

       Speculation: 3D TV is eventually done with blue smoke and mirrors.
reensure, Jul 01 2005

       Why bother with the condensing gasses? Cloud chambers are not easy to operate, especially with particles annihilating all over the place. Just crank up the particle/anti-particle rate and get glowing images in the air. Then crank it way up and blow this idea away in a storm of radiation.   

       Maybe, someday, with lots of effort and money, this could be done as an art project by some drunken physicists. But when it happens, the news about it will be watched on 3D TVs based on something a lot simpler. Backwards cheese bubbles, perhaps.   

       cigam yllis ylsuoregnad :]noiteled-rof-dekram[
baconbrain, Jul 01 2005

       Ah - I was mislead by the word "Imaging" in the title, and assumed this was a system for looking at (ie imaging) something. So, it's intended as a projection system? IN that case, not so bad but I'm still with Baconbrain on this one.
Basepair, Jul 01 2005

       Edit: No cloud chamber involved.
daseva, Jul 01 2005


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