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pay factory workers directly to preserve pr

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If companies like Nike wants to put a stop to bad behaviour of some factory owners stiffing their workers of pay. Then they should really consider bypassing the factory's employees payroll system and pay the workers directly.

Centralized payroll system will save money for everyone as well!

Obviously in this system you cannot pass the buck of bad behavior to the factory owners. But it will make companies claim to follow corporate social responsibility (CSP) be more trustworthy.

This won't get rid of bad working condition, but those are harder to hide compared to paychecks. And any half competent companies knows how to fund spies to ensure compliance to workers rights, in a cost effective manner.

Seriously can't be hard to do the right thing right?

mofosyne, Apr 27 2014


       might wanna ditch that cross-ocean thing as well; save on fuel.   

       For real creative accounting, take a look at the Fukushima cleanup.
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2014

       Require the nasty contractors to pay daily. How long would you work for a company you knew wasn't paying you? A week? Two? A month?   

       I might go a week, but they'd be buying my lunch pretty soon.
popbottle, Apr 27 2014


       Your scenario is most likely in a developed country where there is good workers protection laws for them to sue. In other countries, getting fired means being sent back to abject poverty. Getting stiffed doesn't mean zero pay, but does mean stealing as much as they can get away with.
mofosyne, Apr 27 2014

       According to a recent(ish) article I read, SOP is for a factory to make items for many companies; in the case given, Nike would be only one of several customers, so the proposal wouldn't work for that model.
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2014

       // if I was on Boeing's payroll, I'd be entitled to higher wages.// Not if you were working in Malaysia.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 27 2014

       //Getting stiffed doesn't mean zero pay, but does mean stealing as much as they can get away with.//   

       A chain of thieves from top to bottom results in a company unable to compete, if just one of your competitors figures out how to run a slight more honest shop.   

       Does your boss say ?: "Make 10 dozen shoes, but keep a dozen for yourself. We will just call it spoilage or shrinkage. "
popbottle, Apr 27 2014


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