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pebble pots

pots wot look like pebbles
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over the past few weeks, I have been watching several house makeover t v programmes in the hope of gleaning ideas to steal for this ramshackle dump that I call home.

its come to my notice that the one major trick to making the place look nice is to reduce the clutter. storage is vital, especially for all those small items like cosmetics.

a range of pots and bottles that look like pebbles, preferably glistening, like those freshly served up on the beach by the tide, would make the old creaking dressing table look quite pretty and zen-like.

[edit] this might actually exist, I haven't looked.

po, Sep 03 2006

Source Material? http://www.indoortropical.com/9080.html
These, plus five minutes with a spade bit and Bob's your uncle! [Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 04 2006]

here's big ones wot hide big stuff http://www.amazon.c...otheav-20/ref=nosim
[xandram, Sep 05 2006]


       I gave up on minimalism when my mind became as cluttered as my surroundings. The zen like answer is of course to give in and become at one with your chaos. Other than that, you could toss all your existing pots and bottles in a net bag, and sand blast the whole lot until they took on that frosted glass appearance of beach flotsam.   

       + for the idea though of them being designed like that in the first place.   

       Now sit back and watch as your packaging idea is nicked and put into production, by the likes of Estée. Lauder.
xenzag, Sep 03 2006

       //this ramshackle dump that I call home// Hey, I like the halfbakery :-)   

       Nice idea, though. I just sweep everything non-ornamental into the drawers whenever I might care what someone thinks. This would help.
spidermother, Sep 03 2006

       We used to have a store here called Stone which had all sorts of household items made out of various types of stone, in varying degrees of finish.   

       But look for things Japanese - they have wonderful little pots and bottles made to look like gourds and other things natural.
DrCurry, Sep 03 2006

       //this ramshackle dump that I call home//   

       You haven't by chance been hiding under my desk all this time have you? Eh, I'd probably be able to see anything the size of a human... probably...
ye_river_xiv, Sep 03 2006


       smallest teletubby is about 6" and kind of hide in a drawer.
po, Sep 03 2006

       You could live in one of your little pots.
wagster, Sep 04 2006

       Use the items in the link and drill a cavity for the bottle in question. I bet you could sell such things for cash money!
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 04 2006

       You could (this works) buy several of those well-made, over the door style shoe holders. Hang them in your closet or rack, or behind the door where they are made to go. Fill them with shampoo bottles, lotions, scents, and gear that normally cohabitates beside you on your dresser, desk, countertop, or lavatory.   

       Other than that, a collection of Sharpie™ pens will enable you to post-date everything you open for 28 days. Evoke the iron rule, use it or lose it.
reensure, Sep 05 2006


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