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Like ancestry.com, but for graduate studies supervisory commitees
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This is a website that displays a hyperramous "family tree" of master's and doctoral students and their supervisory committee members. The committee members serve as the "parents," and the students as their "progeny."
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 14 2011

Similar http://neurotree.or...ount=5&cnodecount=4
But not identical. [mouseposture, Oct 14 2011]

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       Our understanding of the process is that it is somewhat more incestuous than that described.   

       That's not intended as a criticism, by the way (of either the process, or incest).
8th of 7, Oct 14 2011

       Just that there is a perceived need for something like this makes me a little glad that I dropped out of college.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       [8]//incestuous// That's a testable hypothesis. <link>, for example shows a surprisingly acyclic graph.   

       [CauF] Thesis committee members can have, really, very little to do with the candidate's intellectual or professional development. Coauthorships might be better (but it's well-baked). Or let parents and progeny self-identify (also baked: see link).
mouseposture, Oct 14 2011

       Darn, it's already baked.   

       I suppose the tree could be pared down so that only the senior supervisors and their doctoral students remain.
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 17 2011


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