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One Online Identity

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It really annoys me how when you want to say something to somebody just for the one time or maybe just one other time, or maybe you wanna download just this one thing...you gotta make an identity with that website/board/message service/ download site, and you gotta wait for their e-mail with the confirmation link, and all sorts of other bullshit. This one time all I wanted to do was vote for this guy's podcast, as a favor to him 'cause, y'know, I liked the 'cast, and the directory site wanted me to register with them.

Fuck that! No vote, sorry Starkcast.

Seems like it wouldn't be difficult for, say, AIM screen names to be recognized by multiple boards and used as an across-the-board(s) identity. You could always make another screenname if you don't want people to know it's "you."

Of course there'd have to be a reaper service, deleting screennames unused for a certain amount of time, like a year or so. I could live with that.

Eugene, Jun 16 2005

Starkcast http://www.starkcast.com/
In case you happen to give a shit, the podcast I mentioned. [Eugene, Jun 16 2005]

Make and destroy in zero steps! http://www.mailinator.com
Just make up a random email as you sign up. If you need to check for a password, well you can! [not_only_but_also, Jun 16 2005]

Get already existing id's. www.bugmenot.com
It's hit or miss with this. [miggavin, May 30 2006]


       You can get programs that allow you to quickly recall this information and it fills out the form for you. I'm pretty sure in windows somewhere there is like, an 'auto-remember' feature that you can enable, no?
Night, Jun 16 2005

half, Jun 16 2005

       If you own a domain and have catch-all email, you can use, (examples:)   

[To make sure you know if they spam you)

[To let them know]

not_only_but_also, Jun 16 2005

       What [half] said. Widely known to exist, shirley.
angel, Jun 16 2005

       Thing is, I'm too lazy for all that shit. I want to eliminate the sign-up process entirely and just have any website, board or service recognize me immedietely.
Eugene, Jun 20 2005

       Password authentication is the real problem here. Registering for a website puts a lot of trust in the administrator since most people use the same password for everything. Forcing the same username for everything just makes this that much less secure.
kevinthenerd, May 31 2006


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