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thick glass manhole covers
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range of colours , maybe marbled

clear ones could have pictures attached underneath (family member's 2 cents worth)

why ? don't know .

wjt, Oct 08 2007


       So the sewer Gators can window shop of course.   


       A. You can Watch the sewage flow by.   

       B. It Givith vandals something to breakith.
popbottle, Jun 16 2014

       //It Givith vandals something to breakith.//   

       (a) Why the attempt at old English verb forms?
(b) It would be "giveth"
(c) It would also be "break".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 16 2014

       You'd have to color code them - here we do variants on paints for sewer, electrical, water, phone, etc.
normzone, Jun 16 2014


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