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like they have for kiddies gloves
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Why is it that even if you buy a pack of twenty pens a week, you'll have lost every one of them by the time the most crucial pen-needing time arrives? Where on earth do they go?

How about adapting those mittens-on-a-string type things you get when you're a kid, to stop you losing them. Now that is very useful. How about a pen on a length of string clipped to your wrist?

Or a pen-detector that detects ink, or pencils?

baby_steffee, Apr 07 2001


       Now that conjures an interesting image. 20 pens on a chain around your neck. It might even look like jewelry.
beauxeault, Apr 07 2001

       Considering how much people chew on pens, just put a pacifier on them. Those people'll never lose them.
Wes, Apr 08 2001

       Pen tracker... I believe that's going to be RFID's best usage, when prices go down.
pashute, Nov 13 2002

       they do have pens that you put around your neck. *cough* pocket *cough*
cods, Nov 13 2002

       Look at the zip pen
-----, Nov 20 2004


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