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personal space

attach, inflate and go and commune
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This idea is an inflatable belt which when inflated, by attached pump, forms a disk around the waist. A 1.5 metre diameter disk.Think old world ballroom dress of personal separation. This limits personal distance and gives an umbrella-like protection against infection.

Since doorways are around 820mm, a new dip technique has to be learnt. This involves a side step and lifting an edge of ones personal space in the z dimension to get it through the 2m door. Giving way at doors is a must.

If personal space is used correctly, this should minimize infection and allow people to dilute congregation allowing everyone to do what they need to do. A new culture could even develop around disc edge interaction.

Blow up and be safe. And remember don't take disk bumping anger to heart.

wjt, Mar 17 2020

Cyclist safety buffer Cyclist_20safety_20buffer
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pocmloc, Mar 17 2020

Voice, Mar 17 2020

       Prior Art.   

8th of 7, Mar 17 2020

       I have drawn up a T shirt idea that says on the front and back in big letters:
"I've got COVID-19,
and I'm OK"
xenzag, Mar 17 2020

       Do you sleep all night and work all day, too?   


       Could the buffer have a strip of metallized foil around the outer circumference, held at a very high voltage with respect to earth, and with good current delivery capabilities ? Ozone is an effective biocide, and half-metre long blue sparks will keep unwanted contact to a minimum.
8th of 7, Mar 17 2020

       Yes, the sparkly dance thru doorways will be even more exciting, even if trailing electric cord.
wjt, Mar 18 2020


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