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piezo motorway (freeway)

Cars generate electricity
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When you build a motorway, autobahn, autopista or freeway you lay a piezoelectrical membrane a depth below the road surface. This depth would obviously be ascertained by studies before hand. The peizoelectric layer would generate a current from the vibrations generated by the traffic travelling along the road surface. This could the be channelled back into the grid or at the very least charge the roadway lights and signs. Or stored for later use.
thx1138, Aug 26 2004

Elephant electricity http://www.halfbake...phant_20electricity
[vedarshi, Oct 17 2004]

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       Interesting concept.
Machiavelli, Aug 26 2004

       [thx1138], probably you would also end up with (+2) & (-10) votes.   

       please follow the link for the basis of my statement. i would request you to have patience to read each & every annotation completely.thanks
vedarshi, Aug 26 2004

       yed, you are scarey!   

       votes +1 to negate the hex!   

       phew - he left in March, breathe again...
po, Aug 26 2004

       [po],please follow the link i have added just now.
vedarshi, Aug 26 2004

       ooh! gotta sleep now - see you in the morning...   



       (oh lord, why do I attract these nutters?)
po, Aug 26 2004

       Is there that much piezo crystal in the world?
harderthanjesus, Aug 26 2004


       Nice idea, uknow everything is flexable to some degree. I once suggested peizoelectric-tires here on the bakery, AND PO JUMPED ON MY ASS ABOUT IT. there's no free lunch, etc. was Basically his(?) argument, about that the resistance of flexing tire contact patch area would meet resistive loads inproportion to the piezo-electric boundry film. Nullifiing any potential difference in torgue. I, Personally disagree(?), as a result my idea was (MFD'd)... I thought about the road thing, but compiled that the peizofilm would be better utilized in a boundry layer of the tire ply. anywhoo one bright baker suggested that the output of such a peizo-generator would be minimal, possibly usefull for powering tire pressure sensors, etc. Nevertheless the idea was mfd'eeded. thx, I respect your realistict output expictations, but might I suggest LED iluminated traffic signals ,to conserve power. Furthermore "flexing" is a force that can not be stoped. It is a proven fact that preventative maintenance regarding upkeep of tire pressure(to 45psi by some mfg's) increases gas milage. However flexing of the road surface will occur under all circumstances and temperature,etc. My overall feeling about it is "well" since the surface is gonna flex anyway and since theres nothing we can do about it"hey" we might as well make the piezo film produce so many milliamps at 12v, yes were really that cheap...
afterthought, Aug 26 2004

       [afterthought], i have full sympathy with you. but i know you would also not stop yourself from posting new ideas as me despite getting irrational fishbones.
vedarshi, Aug 27 2004


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