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rapid baggage and person handling transportation system
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Extra on-road and off-road low-cost rapid transportation system, with no need for digging, and with rapid installation.

A system of enclosed roads (think: cars in a square pipe) sitting on existing roads. Inside them standard packages on pallets are rapidly moved with a conveyor-belt system. (Actually a double conveyor-rope system (link), as is common these days for conveyor systems). Once every now and then the cars are moved off road and out onto an exit. As long as the system is alive and well a plate on the cars pushes them "back" onto the road but a "dead man's break" will exit the car at the next exit.

The low height has a slope on both sides so that cars people animals and insects can cross. For human transportation some of the "piping" is made of nets that allow air through.

The main assets of this business are two halfbaked pending ideas: One a digitally controlled infrastructure bridge- pillars, that hold the "road" at its correct height without the need for drilling, digging or any other construction work. This telescopic pillar compensates for any siniking in mud or changes of terrain due to heat or small tectonic changes. Bridges can be rapidly constructed the same way, and the pillars can be rapidly replaced with new ones first installing them alongside the old ones and then removing the old ones altogether.

The second asset is our simple "dead man's release" system. The inspiration comes from a solution at Tenuva converyor belts that causes fallen milk cartons to be sent off the converyor belt while standing cartons continue on, with a simple rail that keeps the standing cartons on the rail.

Some of the cars can have motors on them and once out of the pipeway can be driven wherever needed.

pashute, Jun 24 2019

polycord conveyor systems http://www.washmati...y-conveyor-systems/
[pashute, Jun 24 2019]

elevated bicycle pathways https://www.wired.c...list-paths-concept/
[pashute, Jun 24 2019]




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