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pollution reduction

lamps behind a cow's butt
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Some environmentalists claim that methane gas emitted from cow flatulence is causing the green-house effect to speed up. My solution is to attach a burning lamp or candle about 2 inches from the cows anus. When the cows expel gas it will be ignited and hopefully breakdown into some more friendly gasses. To recoup the costs of the lamps farmers can sell tickets to tourists or maybe some kind of flaming cow movies.
jvanzand, Feb 17 2004


       Methane is a greenhouse gas, yes. However when you burn methane you get carbon dioxide which is also a greenhouse gas.   

       Molecule for molecule, methane is more powerful at trapping heat, however since it is removed from the atmosphere relatively rapidly and since there is much less of it present in the atmosphere than CO2 it's not considered as much of a problem.
hazel, Feb 17 2004

       despite haze's rightfull explanation, this idea would still be great on the entertainment side. Cows give off an incredible amount of gas and peopel will always enjoy the blue angel.
ricedo, Feb 17 2004

       p.s. you would get alot more hits on this idea if you included something about cows farting ont he title.
ricedo, Feb 17 2004

       I'm not sure it is a good idea to give lighted lamps to cows. Mrs O'Leary's cow was able to destroy most of Chicago with a lamp.
GenYus, Feb 17 2004


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