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popsicle wine cooler

for god's sake man, don't put ice in that chablis
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A simple one... you know those ice lollies you get that are plastic tubes containing flavoured ice...

One of those, exactly the length of a wine bottle, with a cap at the top so it hooks into the top of the bottle.

You put it in the freezer, then once you've opened the wine, pop it in the bottle. The ice melts, it cools the wine from the *inside*, and keeps it from reacting with the air.

bumhat, Oct 10 2007


       Huzzah! I think this is baked somewhere, but I don't see it commercially available. Therefore, you're safe.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 10 2007

       You have to drink some warm wine first to make room in the bottle? I'm not sure that I understand.
Texticle, Oct 10 2007

       [texticle] No, the wine is cold when brought to the table. This just replaces the ice bucket (messy, drippy, too big).
bumhat, Oct 10 2007

       I believe that with warm wine, the proper term is "chug".
bungston, Oct 10 2007

       bumhat, could the "ice" could be made of wine as well?
k_sra, Oct 10 2007

       I would freeze the wine into those tubes, sectioned off so that one could use one or two sections (or "cubes," though they would be more like pillow-shaped) at a time, and refreeze the remainder.   

       "winesicles," or "winecubes."   

       Available in various types of red, white, and blush.
whlanteigne, May 25 2015

       They make spheres of rock (?) to cool other alcoholic drinks (Scotch?) without dilution, so this isn't unreasonable.
notexactly, Jun 07 2015


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