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privacy enhancing camera shutter.

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When you post a photo to a social networking site with facial recognition, they aren't doing it to make your life easier. Facial recognition is added to these sites so that they can create a persistent marketing profile on you, that can follow you across the web, with all of your profiles, even if you use an alias on a dating site.

Im not worried about the NSA. Im worried about the time when my personal life and my work life will be inextricably linked and I will have to make the hard choice between being a working professional and I cracking dirty jokes wear leopard print hammer pants, and listening to questionable music.

Much like cameras with new smart shutters which snap a photo only when they see a smile. I would like an app that only takes photos when my face is 26% off centre, or there is sufficient shadow on one side of my face so as to hide the identifiable landmarks. This would ensure that any photos that get posted online could not be held against you.

bob, Jun 08 2014

failing to disable the Bert function.... http://bertisevil.tv/img/bertmug_kl.gif
[not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2014]


       It's a nice thought but if it's your camera you can simply not take such pictures and if it's your friends' cameras they won't want the feature.
Voice, Jun 09 2014

       simply activate the hidden Bert function of the camera, and it superimposes an image of Bert over you, so keeping your privacy and confusing the heck out of the NSA.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2014

       Surely you would need to disable the hidden Bert function, otherwise the image of Bert would (as is default on most cameras) be hidden and you would not see it?
pocmloc, Jun 09 2014

       Errrrrr..possibly...even Police cameras can be affected by it...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 09 2014

       Im actually not worried about the NSA at all, Im worried about having to choose between having a fun life and having gainful employment. Actually more than anything, Im tired of stupid marketers who want to persistently track my based on biometrics.   

       Ironically. I got the nickname bert due to my dement and hairline so if anything looking like bert would be counterproductive.
bob, Jun 10 2014


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