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ratkiller robot

remote-controlled robot rat-killer video game
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Design a robot to travel in the sewers of a major city, equipped with a variety of devices for killing rats. It would be remoted controlled and users would be able to see the action via several cameras attached to the robot. The remote control interface would be exactly the same as a standard video arcade game (joystick for movement, various buttons for each attack, the video game screen would show the view from the cameras). Users would pay a $x.xx for x minutes of chasing down rats with the robot.

The problems I can think of: how to make a robot as agile as a rat (and still have useful destructive ability). How to ensure the robot wouldn't be used against other things (infrastructure, plumbers, etc.). How to communitcate with/power the robot. How to explain to PETA that it's a necessary evil.

johnjay, Jun 10 2003


       Rats. mmmm
The Kat, Jun 10 2003

       Wire a computer chip directly into the brain of a living rat, pay him for eight rat-heads in a duffel bag. Rinse/repeat.
thumbwax, Jun 10 2003

       It doesn't have to be as agile to a rat to kill a rat, just mount a shotgun on it.
MikeOxbig, Dec 03 2005

       rats are smart and misunderstood - you should spend some time getting to know them in their native environment. Meanwhile you could get your friends to test that robot on yourself as you scurry around under the city streets. My home town has some fine Victorian sewers, and if you survive long enough to emerge in the wrong part of town, you will think that the rats were your best friends in comparison to what hangs around on the street corners here.
xenzag, Dec 03 2005


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