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Read books and entertain children with them
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A computer is not a babysitter. Unfortunately there are many "parents" who make use of it that way. Human interaction is essential to the proper development of a child. While touch and in-person guidance cannot be provided, at least some of what's missing can be.

This website would have volunteers to live cam with children and read them age-appropriate books on a one-to-few basis, with conversation and discussion of the book topics.

Voice, Mar 19 2020


       The possibilities for subverting this for Evil are considerable, so [+].   

       And we disagree with the first paragraph, of course.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020

       "Read Tome" is a good name for this service
sninctown, Mar 19 2020

       It really needs to be one-to-one. Then, even with a carefully screened list of "appropriate" material, it's easy to warp their malleable little minds and turn them into bitter, cynical, distrustful lumps of spiteful hatred before they're even teenagers.   

       Even nursery rhymes and stories can be used that way; "Jack and Jill", where Jack sustains a serious head injury and Jill does nothing to help; "Humpty Dumpty", a saga of callous official indifference to the suffering of an individual; and so many more....
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020

       // you don't need to spin English nursery doggerel for that. //   

       Perhaps not - the stories underlying most of them tend to be very, very dark. The original of Pinocchio is astonishingly bleak and violent ...   

       As to German, they learn that on their own initiative once they've been suitably motivated* to read "Mein Kampf"** in the original...   

       *Much easier than you think, but we're not telling you our method.   

       **A dreadful, irrational, incoherent book, but it has its uses.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020


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