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real time flu map

specific tracking
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Being fairly ill right now, I looked at the most recent cdc map for flu. It only shows levels by state and I thought it might be a good idea to be a bit more detailed.

Doctors could be required to upload to a website on a daily basis flu cases confirmed based on a patients zip code. It would provide anonymity for the patient, yet let someone go to the site to see progression of the ailment in a much more detailed fashion.

Small consolation for my watermelon fluid engorged head feeling condition.

nth, Jan 08 2006

of course, a lot of the time when people say "flu" they mean the common cold. http://www.tamiflu....mer_recognizing.asp
I think I had flu once and it laid me low for at least 3 weeks. [po, Jan 08 2006]


       so you're in a right old state, are you?
po, Jan 08 2006

       I am [po].   

       (flu) one of a thousand things I wish on no-one.   

       I will spend tomorrow(today) hopefully sleeping it off.   

       Weak tea with sugar and milk please.
nth, Jan 08 2006

       //'What's up this week'// great for "throwing a sickie" i.e. having a day off work with an imaginary illness. I know someone who could write a manual on that subject.
po, Jan 08 2006

       make a nice google earth overlay
neilp, Jan 08 2006

       Flu, or whatever else is going around. I like it. In fact, since my wife is on immunosupressants, I would like to subscribe to the alerts - "No unusual risks today"; "Take extra precautions if going out in public"; "Just stay home. Don't answer the door."
lurch, Jan 09 2006


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