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realtime tracking of salaries in Greece

Dual function website
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A site that does realtime tracking of salaries in Greece with two main functions.

Firstly it will let people see the effects of whether their economy is improving or not, as this would be reflected in the salaries paid, and to see what effect government macro-economic policies have in these troubled economic times.

Secondly, the next time someone asks me what's Greek earn, I can just look it up on website.

not_morrison_rm, Sep 22 2011


       This has merit.
calum, Sep 22 2011

       Should be publicised by an Hellenic version of the famous Seasame Street housemates. To avoid confusion, pieces to camera could be made visually distinct from their Northern American counterparts by abundant set-dressing (using ancient mediterranean antique pottery for example). Once their salaries are included in amongst all the others, someone might at some stage later be encouraged to ask, "What does the Greek Ern (you know, the one next to the Greek Urn) earn?"
zen_tom, Sep 22 2011

       The thing about Greece is that two things need to happen: The Government needs to put in place austerity measures, which will mean sacking civil servants, not allowing people to retire at 50, etc. - the overall effect of which will be to reduce incomes. Then the Greek economy also needs to grow so that the economy matches the value of the currency (if it is to stay in the Euro). If a country's taxi drivers and farmers are all to be able to afford Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs then the economy ought to be pretty healthy. The problem with Greece is that it's got the economy of a poor country but the currency of a rich one. Bad for Greece, but excellent for the Germans (in the form of Mercedes-Benz and BMW) who have extra markets for their manufacturing exports, in the form of poor, indebted countries with artificially strong currencies. This economic growth should exhibit itself in a rise in incomes. So, the tracking of salaries suggested here is interesting but you'll need to know you're hoping for - a sharp drop, followed by a long, slow rise.
hippo, Sep 22 2011

       The rise and fall of average income is only one facet of a nation's economy. More than just this one factor would need to be included to build a useful model.
Alterother, Sep 22 2011


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