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restaurant at the top

climb on up and have a seat!
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You know those climbing walls they have at health clubs? Well to get to this restaurant you must climb the wall, the wall is very high.

Why would anyone do this? Just think everyone in the restaurant/bar will be a total bad-ass since they made it up the wall-- also the view is great. When your meal is done you can climb down (repel, it's easy.)

Taunting signs on the street egg people in to trying to get up here.

"Can you make it to the top?" "Wanna drink? Okay. Climb that wall." "It's better up here."

futurebird, Dec 27 2002


       I think I'm gonna hurl!


thumbwax, Dec 27 2002

       don't tip
po, Dec 27 2002

       I assume there would be an elevator for staff and freight.
egnor, Dec 27 2002

       Yeah. Lunch would taste better. I'd like an exit without any further climbing, though. (sp. rappel) (+)
st3f, Dec 27 2002

       sp: "rappel"
snarfyguy, Dec 27 2002

       I'm sure that I wouldn't want to climb it in a dress.   

       Would this be an ADA compliant climbing wall?
half, Dec 27 2002

       The higher.   

       The fewer.   

       I'm sure I remember there being an idea in here about climbing a rockface/mountain to get to a restaurant - it must have fallen into the crevasse.
Helium, Dec 28 2002

       [helium] I'm pretty sure that you're remembering the "Mountaineering Hotel" idea from December 2001 that I believe was created by Peter Sealy, perhaps archived elsewhere.
jurist, Dec 28 2002

       Have a series of bars at different heights up the wall. The further you climb, the less drinks cost. Mandatory ride down on an elevator for anyone with a blood alcohol level over 0.02.
madradish, Dec 28 2002

       For a more realistic climbing effect, or possibly a skill level setting, retract a few footholds into the wall as people climb, and allow patrons to dump small cups of pebbles from above.
Shz, Dec 28 2002


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