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Restaurant Semi-Adventure phone Helper

Service to help you order novel food
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Say you like to try new foods and new types of restaurants, but you have some basic dietary requirements. Our new service lets you try exotic meals without fear. You simply call in to our service on your cell phone, and our culinary guides and translators talk to the waiter in his native tongue, and they find a meal that you might enjoy without violating your dietary requirements. For example, say you want somewhat Kosher Korean food, our expert talks to the waiter (using your cellphone) and helps pick out a perfect meal for you. Our expert speaks Korean and is an expert on Korean cuisene, and he consults with our religious expert. Or maybe you have a wheat allergy, but you want to try Sudanese Assseda. Our expert can talk to the cook (over your cellphone) and find out if he used corn or wheat, and he can double check with our allergist to make sure the meal is suitable for you. Our service keeps a profile of you and your requirements, and it keeps records of what meals you liked and didn't like, to help you choose exciting new dishes without worry! Our service bills you as a subscription, or as a per-minute fee.
Krate, Jun 17 2002


       A professional food orderer? When will it end?
phoenix, Jun 18 2002

       Since I never eat by myself in restaurants, I don't have this problem. When I want to try some strange new food, I phone a worldly friend who has already eaten this style of food and get them to take me to a restaurant and choose the meal in exchange for me paying for the meal.   

       This service might be great for people like this guy I know, we'll call him Jim, that has no friends. Jim never eats anywhere exotic because I... I mean *he* has no friends.
mighty_cheese, Jun 18 2002

       i find this idea distasteful on many levels. sad, too.
marisa jo, Jun 18 2002

       Krate, I don't know what "Sudanese Assseda" tastes like or if it would be something I would be remotely likely to order, but your idea seems like a great way to impress a date (by ordering in advance) or make sure a special event with a loved one doesn't go horribly (or laughably) wrong. I'd occasionally use this service for a small surcharge, if I was in extreme doubt about either the food or the establishment. And for that alone, I'll add my positive vote. But the real reason I'm voting at all is just because you have submitted one of the few succinct and clearly written ideas I've seen in over two weeks.
jurist, Jun 18 2002

       //Our service keeps a profile of you and your requirements, and it keeps records of what meals you liked and didn't like, to help you choose exciting new dishes without worry!// and your date can take "pot luck"
po, Jun 18 2002

       Again, I have to wonder - if ordering food is such a stressful situation - maybe the person should just stay home.
phoenix, Jun 18 2002

       I've often thought it would be nice to have a service that says "If you like dish X, you should also try dish Y." Or even better, "Given that your dislikes include dishes A, G, and Q, we recommend you try Dishes V and X, but stay away from Dish L."   

       On the other hand, I can't think of any of my prior affinities that would have predicted my enthusiasm for Indian food, and many things on my list of dislikes would have prevented me from trying some rather delicious French dishes (I now trust almost anything a French chef prepares, whether it's on my "otherwise do not eat" list or not.). And my disinterest in every other guacamole I've ever had would have prevented me from trying the miraculous guacamole created at Boudreau's in San Antonio.
beauxeault, Jun 18 2002

       I suppose your new company will come completely staffed with ex-NSA linguists who also have a degree in dietary nutrition with a minor in theology and medicine? Because there are so many of them out there.
dag, Jun 18 2002

       Where's the info on Boudreau's guacomole in San Antonio? had it years ago and wish I had paid attention to how they made it... the best in the world! Anyone have the recipe? RSVP Billallen6@aol.com
billallen6, Apr 17 2003


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