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A closed battery powered air-conditioned elongated black case for resting at airports
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A closed velvet padded, battery-powered, air-conditioned, elongated black case for resting at airports.

This case is for people who want a quiet and dark place to rest in while waiting for their next plane.

The case is on wheels and has the carrier company logo and name in silver letters on top and a Bluetooth device that tells the staff which gate you need to be at and what time you should be waking up, and pops the case open at the correct moment, after sounding some bird chirps and a gentle wake-up tone.

If you do not leave the case at the due time, the staff will check on you and see why you are still there.

The case includes a phone and a laptop charger.

pashute, Jun 11 2018


       If you want to have this with you while waiting for a connecting flight, and if your hold luggage has been checked through, then this case will have to fold up small enough to be carry-on luggage.
pertinax, Jun 11 2018


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