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reversable drive position trike

trike you ride in delta or tadpole configuation
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this trike as a seat which turn around 180' and allows you to change from 'delta' riding with the single steering wheel in the front , to be seated with the two wheel side facing the front.

this is accomplished by a tilt mechanism in the handlebars that allows you to swtich steering for a front wheel facing

also, you know how sometimes in the movies, during a chase seen the drivers have to back up super fast or do a u-turn, why not just reverse straight back by turning a 180 in your chair? forward, to steering the back wheel behind you (when you turn the seat 180' around.

many people will comment that tadpole trikes are ordinarily steered with 2 front wheel. they do not have to be however.

finally---------the drive mechanism/ crank is mounted on a center tube with a bolt on bottom bracket to allow for adjustment of the foot position.

for bonus points use an electric hub motor , with a circuit for reverse motor motion----- to make it easier.

why? why not?

teslaberry, Apr 29 2014


       Make the wheels large enough, and the seatbelt straps tight enough, and you can ride it upside down as well!
pocmloc, Apr 29 2014

       I see one possible application for this and that application is ice-cream carts.   

       [teslaberry], what is so hard about picking a category for your idea? It's just considered polite around here.
ytk, Apr 29 2014


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