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Device to help drivers when driving on the other side of the road
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Requirements - 1 video camera. 1 collapsible projection screen, 1 projector.

The device uses the camera to photograph the road, a digital filter to mirror-image it, this mirror image is then projected onto the screen which is attached to the inside of the windscreen.

It's a sad fact that driving on the other side of the road is a complete bugger, so this is a device to aid the driver by giving the illusion that he or she is still driving on the side of the road they are used to..

I was wondering about using OCR to scan the road signs, but it's easy enough to look for siraP and might make it more fun, and even promote palindromic place names of towns trying to attract cross-border shoppers.

I also wondered about reverso-steering wheel, to take into account the slight problem of the mirroring on steering direction, but that might take all the fun out of it....

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       Didn't find driving on the wrong side of the road in england the least bit disturbing, got used to it in a matter of minutes. Crossing the road as a pedestrian however was much more difficult. Look right, look left, look right. Just couldn't remember to do that.
zeno, Jul 23 2009

       took a look at Driving on the Left Right- it doesn't mention a technical fix and left a comment re RHD cars in Japan.   

       Me, too Zeno, I got all the way across a busy two lane one way street in Cairo before I realised I'd been looking the wrong way the whole time...had a Merc drive over my foot at speed the year before out there, so it's scary traffic zone par excellence   

       So what are you going to do about the fact that, when I want to grab the gear-shift stick, I reflexively grab the door handle instead?
Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Jul 24 2009

       Jim Bob - a long and cumbersome mechanical linkage running beneath the seat, obviously
pocmloc, Jul 25 2009

       "...grab the door handle instead?"   

       Aha, there's obviously a market for a combined door handle/gear shift which I hadn't previously reckoned on, I'm sure someone in Toyota is working on it as we speak...   

       I'm sure the bigger problem would be not using sponsorship to bring down the costs of the setup and having a pesky pop-up for accident lawyers happen just when you're on the mobile phone, overtaking that petrol tanker in a school zone   


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