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MP3 Driving Tour Guide

Getting there is two halves the fun.
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You can get a tape tour for a historic district or scenic route. Now get a custom-made CD with many hours of entertainment on it, for your entire trip!

You’re going on a long drive across the U.S. or through several European countries. Grab your MP3 player car-kit and the CD you ordered (no fancy equipment is necessary). The audio tour guide points out interesting landmarks and history, of course, but also suggests where to turn, advises about restaurants & lodging, and assists with important rest room decisions.

It has segments specifically for you, along a route you’ve selected. It plays your favorite tunes, and even has stories, jokes and games for the kids. There are many options you can customize. Get your disc made locally, order it, or have it done online and download & burn it to CD yourself.

Each segment is timed, based on your vehicle, distance, speed limits, etc. It allows for travel variations – “Pause the disc now, and start it playing again at mile marker 275”, etc.

Amos Kito, Jan 11 2003

Smart Asphalt. http://www.halfbake...D_20on_20the_20road
The cool Voice of God Idea. The street talks to you. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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similar [Acme, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

MP3 Movie Heckling http://www.rifftrax.com/rifftrax
It's Identical to the above idea, except this is a Tour Guide track for DVDs. [Amos Kito, Dec 18 2007, last modified Dec 21 2009]


       I like it but, "no fancy equipment necessary" hardly seems right for the halfbakery. Why not a special player with GPS capablity? One track on the CD tells the player the GPS coordinates associated with each track.
Or not.
half, Jan 11 2003

       Years ago I took a cassette tape guided drive (with stops) created by a historian. It was great, and I’m surprised the concept never became widespread. But I’m not calling this idea baked because there’s so much additional functionality plus customization. I hope you do it. I’ll be your best customer.
Shz, Jan 11 2003

       Love it. Want it.
CheeseFilteredCigarette, Jan 12 2003

       I'm sure I've seen [half]'s idea of a GPS-based tourguide which speaks to you depending on where you are, baked somewhere about a year ago. Can't find anything on it though...
carstuff, Jun 07 2004

       hey, I remember when some rkreher wrote about this and it amounted to some scattered discussion about rhubarb pies, and now here it is in true form. Nice one! [+]   

       (Happy to oblige.)
egbert, Aug 06 2008


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