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robotic krillifish

artificial fish strain plankton that other fish then eat
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krill strain microplankton fron the water with a basket

I think that making little robot fish that strain krill from the water such that other fish then come up to them to feed creates a kinder way to feed fish

the ultimate goal is to genetically engineer acual fish to be krillifish such that there are living fish the strain microplankton from the water such that other fish then come up to them to feed. this creates a kinder way to feed fish than fish eating fish

kind of reminds me of pollen on a bees leg yet with fish

beanangel, May 17 2008


       OMG, LOL, ROTFL, ETC.   

       Something evolution overlooked! It is almost like there is this huge gap!   

       The gap between your left ear and your right ear, mainly.   

       BTW, you have invented the countless species that do this, purely because we don't actually know WTFIH (what the fuck is happening) in these habitats.   

       Please excuse my use of acronyms. It is purely to demonstrate your lack of ingenuity.
4whom, May 17 2008

       poor plankton. he's got enough stress just trying to steal that crabby patty recipe from mr. crabs without having to worry about being eaten by a robot.
jaksplat, May 17 2008

       //kind of reminds me of pollen on a bees leg yet with fish//   

       [marked-for- complete-gibberish]
wagster, May 17 2008

       Let me understand.   

       Is this robot catching plankton in order to serve them up to other fish?   

       Do the other fish eat the robot?   

       Do the other fish just help themselves out of a trailing basket, ignoring the robot itself?   

       If the robot fish gives away its food, then how does it compete with an otherwise comparable but less generous fish? For example, does it tax competing fish, or does it accept micropayments from anchovies?
pertinax, May 17 2008


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