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rocket glove

Reaction-based haptic feedback device
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With a whoosh of flame and a cloud of smoke, the ignition of the rocket gloves of the virtual concert pianist signal the start of another performance! While an asbestos tuxedo protects the maestro from the flames, his breathing apparatus protects him from the toxic exhaust.

The rocket glove provides force feedback to a glove using reaction thrusters mounted on it. This allows full operation in free space without wires or cumbersome machinery. While originally conceived as a virtual piano keyboard, it has a panopoly of obvious and cool uses. Fuel and reaction mass could be piped in through the arms from a backpack supply for fully portable operation.

po8, Nov 02 2002

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       Wouldn't thrusters with compressed air be a little less messy?
FarmerJohn, Nov 02 2002

po, Nov 02 2002

       Edgar Allen Poe(tent)
po, Nov 02 2002

       buy a hat?
po, Nov 02 2002

       potential fashion victim
po, Nov 02 2002

       I should have elaborated further, sorry: fixed.   

       po, you're cracking me up. See http://www.blackbart.com/legend.html for an explanation of my nym...
po8, Nov 02 2002

       from the bowels of the worst of kids shows...   

       Hah! Silly Power Rangers, with my ninja rocket-gloves, I am now twice as fast!
RayfordSteele, Nov 02 2002

       I want to see Flight of the Bumblebee... in doubletime.
RayfordSteele, Nov 02 2002


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