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rooftop wind turbines

home power
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Have you seen those roof ventilators, that spin in the wind & suck air out of the roof system? The bearings often wear out, presumably from excess energy with nowhere to go..

So, the idea is to attach several small vertical-axis wind turbines with generators, to the roof of a house. Charge batteries for your off-grid system or for emergency power. Decorate your abode & flaunt your green-ness. Let the Jones keep up with that!

afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 11 2007

Ok Solar http://www.oksolar....home_wind_large.gif
[skinflaps, Jul 11 2007]

The kind of wind-driven fan you're talking about. http://www.indiamart.com/realmspl/
Right? [jutta, Jul 11 2007]

Rooftop-mounted turbines in general http://www.wind-wor...oofTopMounting.html
[jutta, Jul 11 2007]

One recent product in this area. http://www.renewabledevices.com/swift/
[jutta, Jul 11 2007]

Vertical axis wind turbine http://club.cycom.co.uk/vertAxis.html
[skinflaps, Jul 11 2007]

Aerotecture http://www.aerotect.../products_510V.html
[Klaatu, Jul 11 2007]


       Mounting wind turbines on top of roofs is an existing area of research - you can get some products for that, as well as horror stories about vibrations and material fatigue. Integrating turbines with wind-driven fans is new, but I'm not sure it's what you're suggesting!
jutta, Jul 11 2007

       Near where I live, a $15000 wind turbine that, according to the manufacturer, can produce $400 worth of electricity per year was recently placed on the roof of a government building. The purpose of this public-funded folly? To assess its viability. True story.   

       There are a lot of costs involved in generating useful power. Small scale projects represent an admirable attitude, but often do not withstand closer scrutiny.
Texticle, Jul 11 2007

       Of course if it was reliable and they placed an order for 500 units which were manufactured in China, it would then cost $5000.   

       Also, remember that 2005 was the year that micro-generation outstripped nuclear power in terms of global output.
wagster, Jul 11 2007

       I think it was manufactured for $5000. The other $10k was for installation and integration with existing electricity supply.
Texticle, Jul 11 2007

       Micro generation is often defined as being 100kW or less. That is considerably larger than most domestic systems, and therefore likely to be considerably more worthwhile.
Texticle, Jul 11 2007


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