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room skynight overhead projector

connected to google earth, this gadget gives you a skynight view
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A toy, but also a scientific tool as well as house ornament, turn your bedroom into a real planetarium.

Controlled via google earth you can now go to sleep in a room with a true replica of your local sky-night.

As the day comes up, your room gets brighter and brighter, with an orange tinge in the corner. Around sunrise, you can also hear the birds waking up. (and of course at sunset - frogs singing). Finally: depending on the weather at midnight you either hear it raining, or crickets chirping.

When HB has multiple categories enabled, this hibea is also to go under Science/Astronomy.

pashute, Jan 28 2009

Price Tag Astronomical http://www.cubex.com.ar/desc.htm
... but you could use it as a night light [loonquawl, Feb 05 2009]


       Google earth can't do a "true replica of your local sky-night". Celestia gets closer, but both are computer generated. [+]
Spacecoyote, Jan 29 2009

       I want this. + plugins that add random meteorites, animations like cows jumping over the moon, UFOs whizzing by, stuff like that.   

       and... I want my stars to twinkle.
gonzola, Jan 29 2009

       ...and a sleigh with reindeer on Christmas Eve...
hippo, Jan 29 2009

       Forgot to mention: And you don't have to leave your bedroom to watch a lunar eclipse!
pashute, Feb 05 2009


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