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row up a tangle

Aiming for humanities greater entanglement in the universe
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A niggling idea that entanglement is the basis of a drive.

Photons can move through each other with no effect. Entanglement is a physical effect that means photons effect each other. ( Unsure whether this 2nd statement is true or not)

Forgetting the information, the very formation means that there might be a footing in space. If a thousand or a very large number of photons are tried to be entangled in the same spacial position then any space traveling photons may be affected.

Hanging further out over the ledge, If a surface has these entanglements happening then the surface can work photons both traveling and hitting.

A galactic faring galleass rowing on waves of light comes to mind.

wjt, Aug 18 2014

Bell's theorem http://en.wikipedia...ki/Bell%27s_theorem
"...using quantum entanglement of photons ..." [8th of 7, Aug 19 2014]


       I'm pretty sure the particle-properties that can be entangled are not generally properties you can use in the way you are imagining. For example, consider the "spin" of two entangled particles. One is spinning one way and the other is spinning the other way --but you don't know which. When you measure one to find out how it is spinning, at that time you now know about the spin of the other one.   

       Not much to propel-with, there....
Vernon, Aug 18 2014


       " Unsure whether this 2nd statement is true or not "   

       Although I was expecting this to be a method of knitting using yarn floating in a lake, a small boat and two oars.
normzone, Aug 18 2014

       I'm not sure this entanglement malarkey stands up. Suppose I take a pencil, break it in half, and send one randomly-chosen half in a sealed box to the moon.   

       Someone on the moon opens the box, sees that they have the eraser end of the pencil, and instantaneously knows that I have the pointy end. How entangled are the two pieces of pencil?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2014

       Affected. Affected is the verb. Effect is the object noun.
RayfordSteele, Aug 19 2014

       [RayfordSteele] sorry for the cringe. changed.   

       [Max] I though entanglement was done with two sources but you make think all photons are connected as one universal pencil of which the grain is breaking and forming.   

       [Vernon] So the physicist operating the entangling machine sets both photons spins up perfectly, nature doesn't need to do anything to set that entanglement until collapse.   

       I was imagining there has to be some physical action/ a defined change that takes place or it is just two concurrent individual photons.
wjt, Aug 19 2014

       //I'm not sure this entanglement malarkey stands up//   

       Aha! a fellow sceptic, how do you feel about dark matter? ;)
Skewed, Aug 19 2014


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