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safety chair

ejection seat wheelchair
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for those fight or flight situations.
terrorcichlid, Jun 25 2005

(?) Hawking's Communication System http://www.hawking....sable/computer.html
How Stephen Hawking turns thoughts into words [Acme, Jun 26 2005]


       Have you ever seen video of a pilot ejecting from his airplane and them falling back down into the flaming wreckage?
10clock, Jun 25 2005

       Nah. Not such a good idea. If indeed you are confined to a wheelchair, your legs must not be functioning properly. This would result in a pile o' flesh, like a blob of peanut butter, stuck to the floor, the ceiling, or the wall. Nah, not good.
blissmiss, Jun 25 2005

       Does anyone know (a) the expected flight-time following ejection and (b) how long it would take Stephen Hawking to key in "Oh shiiiiiiiit." ?
Basepair, Jun 25 2005


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