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safety skis

latching safety skis
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if ever you need to stop in an emergency while skiing, theres little chance that in the split second between you an the impact you will be able to stop with enough force to stop the impact, so the safety skis come with buttons on the top of your ski poles, and if pressed will send a grappling hook far into the ground, and hopefully latch, so you can safely stop fast enough.
the extreme baker, Apr 03 2007


       Learning to stop in the usual manner would be significantly easier and more effective.
Texticle, Apr 03 2007

       So these are basically rocket propelled grappling hooks on the end of the ski poles that will instantly dislocate one's shoulders when activated?
nuclear hobo, Apr 03 2007

       //in the split second// you aren't going to travel far enough for the hook to set and tighten. Although, if done just wrong, you'd wind up getting mashed down into the snow VERY hard.   

       I usually fishbone 'ideas' that are poorly spelled and written, but this gets fishboned for being bad.
baconbrain, Apr 03 2007

       yup, thats why i put it on halfbakery!
the extreme baker, Apr 03 2007

       Well, despite the honor, it's bad even by Halfbakery standards.
baconbrain, Apr 04 2007

       Um, perhaps one should learn to ski. Or be a sacrifice to the Ents.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 04 2007

       /thats why i put it on halfbakery!/ [the extreme baker] You're missing something - the bakery is for ideas that are good and original, if perhaps a little impractical. It's not for ideas that are outright poor.
david_scothern, Apr 06 2007


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