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searchable web list2

without leaving web form, search for category in list
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When posting anywhere on the web, many times I encounter a list which I must choose from. An example would be a country I have to choose from the list. Or a category (just like in HB)

Sometimes this list is very large and I would like to "filter" the list and see only the relevant ones. This is what I call a "searchable web list". There would be a small search button INSIDE the category list, and pressing it opens a small new window with the results. Clicking one of the results closes the window and selects my list with the correct result.

The last time I wrote this idea, it was moved to HalfBakery:Category because someone thought I'm talking about the HalfBakery interface. You COULD actually do it in the HB interface, but I'm talking about developing a new "web behaviour".

It could be called <searchable> in HTML.

pashute, Oct 01 2002


       [pashute], if your original idea was misunderstood (by me, no doubt), why didn't you rewrite your original idea to be more generic and move it in place of this one? (Alternatively, now that you've posted a second version, delete the first one.)   

       I would call the thing you wish to search and filter a "scrolled list", and it isn't limited to web browsers; many normal applications also contain them.
jutta, Oct 01 2002

       your right jutta, i'm deleting it...
pashute, Oct 18 2002


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