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seismic sleeping chamber

sleep in an earthquake-proof box so you don't get crushed by a bldg
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i heard the recent earthquake in Italy killed a lot of people as they slept.

why not sleep inside a shipping container or some other protective thing? you could design it to feel comfortable- maybe like a coccon. it might even be a perfect sleeping chamber.

biggest problem i can foresee is ensuring it's not a deathtrap in case of fire. ...?

mclinton, Apr 09 2009

Google first post later http://www.boingboi...proof-antiterr.html
[zeno, Apr 09 2009]

The more extreme version http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0124298/
I guess a smaller equivalent would be better. [Skrewloose, Apr 10 2009]

Cozy http://dottedlinegi...ther-mans-home.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 11 2009]


       widely known to exist. is called 'well built houses'
loonquawl, Apr 09 2009

       Be gentle it's their first post. (Please search first then post second). Just kidding. Nice first try [mclinton].
blissmiss, Apr 09 2009

       <commercial punchline>
"I slept right through it"
FlyingToaster, Apr 09 2009

       I read the title as, a sleeping chamber that would continuously simulated earthquakes.   

       Also for terror fanatics this would be great , example: exorcist demonic bed action the edge here is you can't run away because you would be trapped, heightened terror
vfrackis, Apr 10 2009

       Anyone thinking 'blast from the past' here, or is it just me?
Skrewloose, Apr 10 2009

       //'blast from the past'// you mean fallout shelters ? or it's one of those deja-vu HB posts.
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2009

       Perhaps with powerful explosives on the outside, that can be activated after a certain amount of time if you are buried deep in rubble. This would notify volunteers that you are there. <These aren't the droids your looking for> There is nothing wrong with the plausibility of this. </TATDYLF>
leinypoo13, Apr 10 2009

       The trouble is not so much the getting in, but the getting out...Perhaps we could activate some of those vacuum balloons we are so fond of.   

       Or, if the earthquake was sufficiently large and long in duration, we could ride the "brasil nut " effect to the top.
4whom, Apr 11 2009


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