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self buttering toaster

imagine having your toast actually butter itself.
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it would just be a toaster that when the toast popped up it would rub a stick of butter and the butter would melt faster so it would be better toast. It’s the perfect invention for the average American that has to be somewhere in a rush.
nickmancomp, Apr 30 2007

makezine.com: The Maker State (August 2007) https://makezine.co...ws/the-maker-state/
Author's 12-year-old son Andy builds self-buttering toaster, doesn't win science fair because of safety concerns. On the other hand, a cap and vest for a hamster does sound pretty sweet. [jutta, Sep 04 2022]

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Breakfast https://youtu.be/Qc9h6FC6QgU
The rest of your breakfast [aniola, Sep 04 2022]


       I want one!! I'm sick of having to put my toast in the micowave to melt the buter. (+)
Quaelex, Apr 30 2007

       <pedant>A "self buttering toaster" would be a toaster which buttered itself - less useful, but more entertaining than this idea.</pedant>
hippo, Apr 30 2007

       toast buttering toaster
po, Apr 30 2007

       or a self buttering toaster could butter one's *self*...umm
xandram, Apr 30 2007

po, Apr 30 2007

       I use all kinds of lotions that are called *butters* - Not naughty, but can be...
xandram, Apr 30 2007

       Ugh - soggy toast - the bane of my existence!
DrCurry, Apr 30 2007

       <new related idea i cannot be bothered to post> Butter leaf - like gold leaf but edible. Can be kept in the freezer so it lasts for ages, simply peel off the backing and apply to toast for an instant even coating. Can also be applied in rolls to compatible toasters</nriicbbtp>
marklar, Apr 30 2007

       A bun for Butter Leaf, if and when it gets posted.
nuclear hobo, Apr 30 2007

       "if and/or when or not"
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2007

       Ah no. I see. So, "if AND OR XOR when or not"
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2007

       If *and* when, becasue I'll do it if nobody else does.
nuclear hobo, Apr 30 2007

       If you will create it if nobody else does then it will come into existence regardless thus "A bun for Butter Leaf when it gets posted" would have been sufficient.   

       \\Ugh - soggy toast - the bane of my existence!\\ I read once that you can judge a man by the caliber of his enemies.
hidden truths, Apr 30 2007

       Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite amount of time to submit halfbaked ideas and no doubt sooner or later some of them will submit Butter leaf. Thus 'if and when' is perfectly appropriate.
nuclear hobo, Apr 30 2007

       I can't believe its got butter!   

       Why would anyone want a buttered toaster?
BJS, May 01 2007

       //I read once that you can judge a man by the caliber of his enemies.//   

       As far as enemies go don't underestimate soggy toast.
Voice, Sep 04 2022

       I lived with someone who used to work in the kitchens in Vegas. He had his very own personal butter sprayer. Like with a hose. And I think a compressor.
aniola, Sep 04 2022


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