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sell your nation's telephone country code

now i dial "86" instead of "1" . it was worth $5 trillion
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The US has the country code "1" when we dial long distance we have to include that number before the area code.

I propose we sell the use of the number one for international calls. It's a status symbol, a time saver. It's worth $5 trillion, I suspect.

Zimmy, Jul 01 2011


       Other countries can manipulate their exchanges, so that they can change any country's code to any number; e.g. In country X, people can dial 86 for US, on their phones, but number coming out of exchange, will remain same old, "1".   

       Edit : 'Wonder if Icould sell this idea to Iran.
VJW, Jul 01 2011

       'dial' what a curiously old-fashioned word.
po, Jul 01 2011

       Do they dial single digit for city to city calls in their own country? Bog, I have to presume so, don't I?
Zimmy, Jul 01 2011

       //single digit for city to city calls// Provided there are less than 10 cities in that country.   

       Also even if US sells the code to other country, it will be still possible to dial 1 for calls within US as usual.
VJW, Jul 01 2011

       86 is voicemail - 8=v: 6= m
xandram, Jul 01 2011

       [VJW], you can sell virtually anything to Iran. The question is, do you want to.
Alterother, Jul 01 2011

       Actually, International Trade in Arms Regulations prohibit the sale of the number "1" to Iran, due to their ongoing attempts to develop a ...
normzone, Jul 01 2011

       ... 2.
spidermother, Jul 01 2011

       //The question is, do you want to//   

       Hmm...<scratches head> .. yes.
VJW, Jul 01 2011

       Oh, right, the famous Numbers of Mass Destruction fiasco. Thank the gods North Korea's 'Zero' project never saw fruition, or we'd all be standing in the tea chest singing 'Jerusalem.'
Alterother, Jul 01 2011

       86 is the country code for China for the US. All calls from here to there start with 86. Is this process different in other countries?   

       If I want to call my parents, I must include the number 1 before their area code in order to connect. Locally, I don't have to include the 1 even though my city has 3 area codes. If you live in another country do you not have dial some series of numbers or number to indicate a long distance call? I think I wrongly presumed everyone had to dial the same country codes I have to.
Zimmy, Jul 02 2011

       Crap! I just talked to a friend of mine who let me know long distance codes in other countries do not function as I presumed. Please throw fish!
Zimmy, Jul 03 2011

       Nil desperandum, [Zimmy]. I don't think the differences in long-distance calling conventions per se would kill this idea - they would just add complexity to the implementation, much to the financial advantage of the world's systems analysts. [+]   

       Also, if the US succeeds in slashing its debt by selling it's telephonic top-nation status to China, this precedent would give valuable impetus to Britain's attempt to escape from poverty by selling the Greenwich Meridian to New Delhi.   

       Hang on - that one might not have been made public yet. Anyone for the second verse of Jerusalem?
pertinax, Jul 03 2011

       As a young, ignorant yank, I only know the ELP version. Can I play the synthesizer parts on my kazoo?
normzone, Jul 03 2011

       So long as you can fit your kazoo into this tea chest, you're very welcome, {coughs} *young* sir.
pertinax, Jul 03 2011


       While you're at it, why not sell history as well? Theory of gravity was discovered by Won Hun Lo etc...
Ling, Jul 03 2011

       // we'd all be standing in the tea chest singing 'Jerusalem." //   

       You mean you're not ... ?   

       Using long numerics to route circuit switched telephony is very Oldthink ... at the very least, you could upgrade to MAC addresses.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       How about selling the name of country ?
VJW, Jul 04 2011


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