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shoppers you are free

A proposed culture jamming event for TV turn off week.
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A proposed culture jamming event for TV turn off week. Basically we're going to a local shopping mall dressed as depressed shoppers laden with pacakges (complete with make-up to accentuate our tiered, dazed stare) we'll mingle around for a bit, then (at the appointed time) gather in a food court or courtyard and start walking in synchronized steps in a slow shuffling circle. After a few minutes another player will enter the mall dressed in bright colors. He'll shout "Hey guy you don't have to shop anymore! There's a whole world out there!" At which point we all shout with joy and start scattering confetti and running out of the place screaming like loons (I stay behind to sweep up the confetti and deal w/ the rent-a-cops)
futurebird, Mar 18 2001

adbusters.org http://www.adbusters.org
[futurebird, Mar 18 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

StayFree! http://www.ibiblio....stayfree/index.html
In the same vein as adbusters. [iuvare, Mar 18 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       And where do you propose to do this (I'm only asking 'cuz I want to be there.) Also, I'm not sure how shopping relates to TV turn off week.
nick_n_uit, Mar 18 2001

       I think it's meant as something to do when one is not watching TV.
StarChaser, Mar 18 2001

       If you turn off your TV, you don't actually need physical goods any more. (For example, food and clothing are no longer necessary, since enlightened ones can go skyclad and live on light.) Therefore you no longer need to exchange money for goods and services, and can be liberated from the tyrrany of shopping.
egnor, Mar 18 2001

       Er . . somthing like that. We're just trying to think of way to raise awarness about how televison and the notion that "you are what you buy" work on the mind.
futurebird, Mar 18 2001

       People who would be impressed by that already know it. People who don't already know it won't have any idea what you're talking about.
StarChaser, Mar 18 2001

       Here's a coincidence: We have something similar planned. We'll be bussing mall-rat homilists in from the suburbs to do finger-puppet shows at downtown bookstores. They'll be trying to open the eyes of local undergraduates to the possibilities of life which lie beyond the act of shopping for expensive (and insufferably smug and witless) magazines.
Monkfish, Mar 18 2001

       Okay, that was sort of funny, even I must admit.
futurebird, Mar 19 2001

       i'm there!!
shivi, Jun 20 2002


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