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shopping center lanes

c'mon already
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Had to brave the city today and and go to Costco. <shudders>
Every time I go back to a city several people try to vehicular-ly manslaughter me and I won't always be able to rock the reflexes of a twenty year old and be able to evade them. Not really looking forward to it but such is life.

Turns out though that drivers of shopping carts are far worse than drivers on the roads.

I propose attempting an experiment where dotted lines are painted between lanes in shopping centres. Pull out parking lanes align each side. Directional arrows even for right or left lanes depending on an individual country might help, but this whole; "If I don't make eye contact with you, then I can pretend you don't exist while in a market" mentality might just get a clue.

Okay. Rant over. As you were.


       Sounds awfully nanny-storish. Storeish?
21 Quest, Aug 27 2023

       Why not add traffic lights; speed traps; parking meters; patrolling wardens; and of course panhandlers who leap out from between the lanes when you are stopped with the offer to clean your glasses etc for some spare change.
xenzag, Aug 27 2023

       Just wait for Tesla to launch the self-driving shopping cart with an announcement from Mr Musk that it will change the world, followed by a wave of horrible deaths caused by autonomous shopping carts encountering what Tesla describe as “entirely unforeseeable, anomalous conditions; these deaths are not our fault”, and then the decline of shopping centres worldwide as customers stay away to avoid the risk of marauding shopping carts, and then, inevitably, the collapse of civilisation.
hippo, Aug 27 2023

       Sounds eminently reasonable [hippo]
pocmloc, Aug 27 2023

       OK the problem with this idea is that the lanes are merely painted on the floor. What is to stop someone sliding their trolley sideways, crashing across the aisle to get straight to the pot noodle display?   

       No the only true solution has to be rail-mounted shopping trolleys. You can only go forwards, and you have to run your trolley around the entire shop in a single routeway.   

       The rails would be flush with the floor like tramway rails, and there would be a plate down through a central slot to prevent people cheating by jumping the trolley off the rails. This could connect to an underground bumper system to keep the trolleys a certain distance apart. Not entirely sure how this would work, I thought of a chain link system joining all the trolleys but that could cause problems at the checkout area.
pocmloc, Aug 28 2023

       Did someone say trolley-mounted railguns?
Voice, Aug 28 2023

       Making the system railgun powered might electrocute shoppers, and also may not leave enough time for them to place groceries in their trolley.
pocmloc, Aug 28 2023


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