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sim developer sim

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There are 'simulation' computer games of most things now (train driver, garbage collector, city planner, rally car driver, fishing, goats, etc.) but as far as I know nothing that brings to life through a 'sim' game the work of a software developer writing 'sim' games. Everything will be in this sim - code reviews, unexpected bugs, arguments with Jerry in QAT, your unrequited crush in the person in the next cubicle-but-one, and of course, playing the sim you've written within the sim game.
hippo, Feb 01 2023

recursive video game [pocmloc, Feb 01 2023]

Gave Dev Tycoon https://store.steam...20/Game_Dev_Tycoon/
They put out a version on thepiratebay that was impossible to win because of the pirates. [Voice, Feb 01 2023]


       Will it be exciting? (Imagines a frantic race to colour in all the “0s” on a spreadsheet print out.)
xenzag, Feb 01 2023

       well, other than that we're already in that simulation to begin with
theircompetitor, Feb 01 2023

       I saw a flash game with this theme. Some years ago, obviously.   

       In terms of details, I only remember that it had a rather unrealistic view on income.
Loris, Feb 01 2023


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