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single quote in C could mean char array, not just single char

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At the moment

"a" --> 'a', '\n' : Valid C

'a' --> 'a' : Valid C

But 'ab` is invalid

'ab' ---> INVALID C


This seems a bit inconvenient if you want to write printable character without a null terminator.

What would be nice is if you are allowed to type this

'subsys_3' ---> {'s','u','b','s','y','s','_','3'}

mofosyne, Jun 30 2017


       To write a string without a null terminator, just specify the array length; if there's no room for the terminator, it'll be omitted. Dress it up in a macro if you want it to be more maintainable:   

       char variable[8] = "subsys_3";
Wrongfellow, Jun 30 2017

       Well, at least it's not in {other} ' general;
normzone, Jun 30 2017


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