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smart train

take the express without waiting for it
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When you into a station a sensor picks you up so the train knows in needs to stop there (a light could come on to let you know this has happened)

Once on the train you push a button on a light up map of the stop you want. It stays lit like on an elevator, the train only stops at the lit up stops or the ones where someone is waiting for a train.

This way trains never stop and open their doors then just sit there wasting everyone's time while no one get on or off.

To avoid trains backing up in the tunnels the platforms should be split into two or three levels so more than one train can pull into a stop.

futurebird, Feb 20 2001


       This ruin the whole system of trains being on time at certain places
salmon, Feb 20 2001

       Peter, you were on a roll, don't let us down, now...LINKS!
iuvare, Feb 20 2001

       How about getting on the train and setting the doors to open for a longer time. This is partially used in Malaysia, where commuters have "control" over the doors.
mailer_daemon, May 19 2001

       If stations are frequently empty, trains aren't really economical.
egnor, May 19 2001

       Could be the other way around. Could be certain stations are wasted on the trains.   

       What happens when a full train arrives at a full station?
LoriZ, Oct 26 2001

       morgantown tram works this way
sukiyaki, Jul 20 2007


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