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solar facade

For buildings too close to do anything with
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In this modern age of building everyone out, some homes get built extraordinarily close together. Neighborly conversations via upstairs windows are done with ease and the shadow play between the buildings can't be good for energy dynamics. A dud collective design really.

My solution, stimulated by [8th of 7] thieving, is to attach mirrors on the sides of the buildings, install a heat absorbing mass and link the buildings with a solar lensing canopy.

Of course piping can conduct heat into the dwellings from the thermal mass and the canopy can be closed to cut down on losses.

Pretty much a shared solar heat storage passage, that, probably, you can walk into, with sunglasses on, to get a tan.

wjt, Jul 05 2017

stimulus Party_20wall_20heating_20unit
And from a distaste of some ticky tacky boxes built near my work. [wjt, Jul 05 2017]


       Do the mirrors reflect onto this mass? Are they focused? do they move and track the sun like a thermal power station?
WaffleWizard, Apr 09 2019

       [WaffleWizard] Cheap and robust as possible. No, No, and No. A simple canopy lens that bends more of the sun, as it tracks, down to the mirrors and the mirrors deflect more of the light onto the mass of the side of the building.
wjt, Apr 11 2019


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