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soundcard to CB radio text chat

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This idea is initially a program that uses a computer's soundcard to send and receive short text messages over CB radio at channel 22 and 23 (data is allowed there). This is by hooking two audio cable from the CB radio to the sound card, one to the speaker output, and one to the mic input.

To make this useful beyond a hobby, these CB radio will also needs to act like a pager when not connected to a computer to display short messages that are directed to a group or individual CB radio.

Later on perhaps, the CB radio itself can perhaps send messages itself. But that's for another half baked post.

mofosyne, Jan 19 2011

UK CB license abolished! http://www.4x4cb.co...c/page.cfm?Page=643
[Wrongfellow, Jan 21 2011]


       I did something similar to this when I was a teenager.   

       I doubt it was legal. I don't think CB licenses allow for data transmissions, at least in the UK.   

       (Edit: Ah, your comment about channels 22 and 23 refers to the USA.)
Wrongfellow, Jan 19 2011

       How about steganographic data transmission? Nobody would ever know apart from people reading this anno.
nineteenthly, Jan 19 2011

       RTTY on Ham radio has been Baked for decades. This is only a minor variation on an existing theme, but amusingly retro none the less. [+]
8th of 7, Jan 19 2011

       I'm not sure anyone would notice data were being sent over CB here in the UK. I've thought about sending little files over walkie-talkie frequencies, just as little blips sort of.
nineteenthly, Jan 19 2011

       I always like possible backup solutions like this for the impending collapse of the internet/satellites/etc. due to EMP. And here in the (free) USA we don't need a CB license ;)
DIYMatt, Jan 21 2011

       No licence for CB here in England either.
nineteenthly, Jan 21 2011

       Looks like you're right, [nineteenthly], since 2006. Crikey, I'm starting to turn into an old fart.
Wrongfellow, Jan 21 2011

       Happened to me ages ago, [Wrongfellow].   

       I think what it would come down to, because i'm seriously considering doing this, is whether it's easier to make a walkie-talkie type transmitter-receiver or a CB one, and maybe also which is easier to interface to a sound card. They should both be dead easy, i would think, since they both have microphones and speakers.
nineteenthly, Jan 21 2011


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