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spank percussion

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Simply a spankee tied up at the drum set for an additional sound.

EDIT: tighter, looser, larger, and smaller spankees can make different sounds. Get the whole ensemble!

Voice, Dec 28 2011

This Spanky? http://en.wikipedia...ki/George_McFarland
You could call the band 'Our Gang.' [RayfordSteele, Dec 29 2011]


       NSFA the link is broken.
WcW, Dec 29 2011

       Are we still talking about spanking? Chromium isn't healthy for bare skin.
Alterother, Dec 29 2011

       [+] Though I'm sure Rule 34 applies, this would look great on stage...   

       "Are these your groupies ?"
"Nope, drumset."
FlyingToaster, Dec 29 2011

       An Alfalfa lookalike whose hair you could pull would be good, too.
RayfordSteele, Dec 29 2011


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