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UX: Advanced tag-cloud with association lines and zooming capabilities
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This is an enhanced tag-cloud.

As usual the font, typeset and color are according to each tag's relevance.

But, rather than having a tag-cloud randomly built, have any tags that are connected between them (even via other tags) closer to each other. And show a faint line between them. This line gives an indication of how "close" the two tags are.

Then, when hovering on a tag, it "fish eye focuses" on that tag moving the others away, and showing a faint circle on it, with an inner slightly darker "focus circle" in it.

If you hover over the focus circle it shows a new cloud with tags that are connected to the current tag -- but, perhaps, not originally in the set of tags shown before.

A set of options is shown for the hovered-over tag:
[strikethrough letter image] to remove it (if in a web search it would mark search results as minus),
[-] to zoom out of extra connections, and bring back original connections
[+] to make "more important"

You can also click on the lines, and make the connection stronger, weaker or completely delete it.

A personalized version would save your preferences. The public version may learn from the user's choices.

pashute, Jun 29 2012

A different spidercloud http://www.youtube....0&feature=endscreen
[Phrontistery, Jun 30 2012]

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