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spy mode

press button and car drives movie-spy style.
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One button could adjust suspension, braking, etc. as well as driver response time, dulling it just enough to force the driver to experience close call after close call. Basically, a reckless driving setting for you car that would force you to live life on the edge.
King Thom, Aug 09 2004


       How are you going to tune this so that you experience 'close call' rather than RTA?
st3f, Aug 09 2004

       [st3f]: RTA?   

       Regional Transit Authority? Research & Technology Agency? Rewriting Techniques & Applications? Residential Tenancies Authority? Real Time Analysis? Route To Afterlife? Rods Tiger Amnesia? Rapid Triage Acquisition? Rectal Trepidation Affliction? Radio The Ambulance?
jurist, Aug 09 2004

       Railway Tie Association ?
skinflaps, Aug 09 2004

       Really Tired Aardvark?
Spatula Head, Aug 09 2004

       Remember the Alamo? Er, no.   

       What I was after was 'Road Traffic Accident'; an acronym that is not as widely-used as I'd thought.
st3f, Aug 09 2004

       It's fairly UK based [st3f]. A number of other countries use MVA, for either motor vehicle accident or moving vehicle accident.
oneoffdave, Aug 09 2004

       List alert.
skinflaps, Aug 09 2004

       Wouldn't a Murder Victims Association meeting be a very quiet affair?
WYBloke, Aug 10 2004


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