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squid hands

have hands(or maybe just gloves) like squid
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not just tentacles,mind--fully squiddy things with eyes on the ends of your arms ,they could move about and have suckers and live in water.
technobadger, Jan 25 2001


Monkfish, Jan 25 2001

       Squid have eyes on the ends of their arms??
egnor, Jan 25 2001

       How about the ink thing? Is that a feature?
RobGraham, Jan 25 2001

       Or you could shoot out an ink cloud when threatened and then make your escape.
wylee, Apr 26 2001

       The ink defence might be a good scuba diving defence ploy, then couple that with a small emergency use device that jets the diver away--at an angle--not strait up ofcourse.
wylee, Apr 26 2001

       While this would create huge advances in the fields of pornography and fighting, but it would make typing a b****.
salmon, May 03 2001


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