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steam cleaning snails

stain sluggs taken to a whole nother level.
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you sergicly implant tubes coursing with hot steam into a snails goooo glands, so instead of leaving goo behind it is now steam cleaning. you have a centrall steam hub that has tiny hoses running to all the snails that are out steaming. you then put magnets on the sides of the snails shells, so when put side by side they stay together and move as a unit, so you get even steaming. the choice of snail is a large deep sea snail that lives on thermal vents. plenty capable of surviving the steam.
chickenninja, Aug 29 2007


       I'm sensing a theme of sorts emerging.   

       you were always quick at that sort of thing, fries.
po, Aug 29 2007

       It's a gift.   

       <pedant> sp. surgically, central </pedant>   

       Still, it's an interesting idea, and not just a variation on your slugs.   

       Are you imagining a 'steam hub' comparable in size to something you might iron your shirts with?   

       Have you done any experiments with snails moving together? My vague memories of snail-racing suggest that they tend to move away from each other unlike, say, horses. If constrained to stick together, might they not just get perplexed, sulk and go nowhere?
pertinax, Aug 29 2007

       there will be crack in the steam to keep the snails moving at a very clean- conducive pace.
chickenninja, Aug 29 2007

       a crack in the steam... i don't know what to make of that. you are of course talking about some very dead snails. but since they are steamed, maybe you could sell very expensive, self-cooked escargot.   

       [fries], you're on fire today! : )
k_sra, Aug 29 2007

       Be fair, [k_sra]; [chookninja] is sourcing his snails from extreme environments. I'm assuming that such snails do actually exist there; maybe the ninja could supply links.   

       //[fries], you're on fire today! // <reaches for dry-powder extinguisher>
pertinax, Aug 30 2007

       er ... *hot* snails.
neelandan, Jan 02 2009


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