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super glue sachets

like ketchup pockets; open as many as necessary...
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...because you can never use a superglue tube twice - not in my experience anyway.
po, Jun 21 2008

Instant Krazy Glue Products: Single Use http://www.krazyglu...ts/catalog.asp?g=10
Little tubes with nozzles. [baconbrain, Jun 21 2008]

Interesting write up on cyanoacrylate http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Cyanoacrylate
[po]- keep it dry, and in the fridge! [Ling, Jun 21 2008]

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       These do exist, but I can't find one right now. The nurse at work has them to use in place of stitches for places like on people's head.
I'll keep looking for a link. They are 2 single-serve packets in a little plastic case.
xandram, Jun 21 2008

       As long as you can open them and apply the glue without getting the stuff on your fingers.   

       I pick my nose a lot you see . . .
Bad Jim, Jun 21 2008

       The tubes I bought work fine, I just wish they came with something to dissolve accidents with.
Spacecoyote, Jun 21 2008

       Butanone - 2.
8th of 7, Jun 21 2008

       I've a set of single-use tubes on my desk here (see link for product). They are little squishy-metal tubes with plastic nozzles and all, which may be better for finger freedom than a ketchup-packet type of sachet.   

       I got them out to repair something, but hate to waste the extra glue that's in even a single-use tube, so I'm waiting to find another thing to use the remaining glue on. Sad, really.   

       Very good idea. [+]
baconbrain, Jun 21 2008

       I'm bunning this only to see how much smaller you can make those teeny little tubes.
Amos Kito, Jun 21 2008

phoenix, Jun 21 2008

       <finds previously sucked sugar cube for phoe>   

       good lord! <flicks fingers>
po, Jun 21 2008

       Sorry [po] but this is not for me. I have never opened a ketchup sachet without getting ketchup on my fingers. I guess I'm just a Klutz.
gnomethang, Jun 22 2008

       use scissors, gnomethang.
po, Jun 23 2008

       Scissors don't taste as good on his chips... - oh, I see what you meant now.
hippo, Jun 24 2008

       Microencapsulation ?
8th of 7, Jun 24 2008

       // Microencapsulation // Not big, maybe clever.   

       One of the reasons superglues were sold in larger than necessary containers was to reduce CTC. The reason we had to live so long with the above scenario is that we bought x "servings" and only used two. The gap provided by unreasonable profit and no more rights protection might indeed facilitate the cost of lower unit product v unit packaging.
4whom, Jun 24 2008

       does that mean that you quite like the idea? :)
po, Jun 24 2008


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