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surround sound helmet

looks stupid, sounds good.
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Ive heard recently that companies have created headphones that transmit sound through the bones in your skull, instead of your ear canal. Idea: create a helmet/ skull cap with several transducers spaced throughout. different spots will take different ammounts of time to reach each ear, creating a sense of space. i.e. a sound could be simulated as if it were coming from above and to the right, instead of just left right or center.
bleh, Jul 24 2006


       if i remember correctly, this technology was developed by the same guy who built the speakers used to scare off pirates, and it was used by astronauts during the original moon landing.   

       this off topic dive into history has been sponsored by...   

       what kind of sound quality can they get from those headphone [bleh]? it has to be pretty good for me to submit to something that sounds akin to having your teeth drilled rhythmically. it probably wouldn't be too bad as just right left, but you cover my head in these, and i'll want to know what your grudge with me is.
tcarson, Jul 24 2006

       with 2 transducers per spot, one for bass and one for treble, decent sound quality could be achieved, although they wouldlikely have to be pressed fairly hard on your noggin. could be applied to bike helmets and other places where there is already a constrictive device secured to the head.
bleh, Jul 24 2006


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