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swimming robot life preserver

Playful fish themed life preserver swims around pool, detects person in distress and seeks them out
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On the .5b someone wrote drowning is among the 2 leading causes of death for children under 15, and a website says this is true [link].

I think having a swimming robot at the pool that was basically a life preserver could rescue people. Also, if you didn't need rescuing you would just find a big puffy fish next to you, which ought to be harmless.

There is not an exact match to this online, but there is a flying drone life preserver rather than a swimming one at the pool.

beanangel, Oct 19 2018

Drowning #2 cause of death in children, 2018 https://www.quality...uses-death-children
[beanangel, Oct 19 2018]

what drowning looks like http://www.slate.co...trouble_in_the.html
[Voice, Oct 20 2018]


       Have you considered what will happen to your species as you continue to eliminate selection pressures from your environment ?
8th of 7, Oct 19 2018

       If you have two robot girlfriends one of them could lounge in the pool
beanangel, Oct 19 2018

       while the other plays pool in the lounge.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 20 2018

       Drowning is usually a quiet affair. The splashng panic is less common than a person's body instinctively doing everything possible to stay afloat with the minimum possible use of energy. It takes a trained observer.
Voice, Oct 20 2018

       You just gave me a pretty cool idea [beanster], but it's got to percolate a bit.   

       Perhaps it could be light and soft enough to throw through a hoop and be actively fun.
beanangel, Oct 20 2018

       // It takes a trained observer. //   

       Fortunately, machine learning is very good at being trained for narrow tasks like this, and at outperforming humans in them.
notexactly, Nov 07 2018


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